Submission Guidelines

Submission and System Guidelines while using

You can submit any design by you as the artist, contributor or collaborative project. You may also submit designs that are older and unsupported by the original author until that author/designer contacts 1001skins with their explicit removal notice.

All submitted content is required to have a screenshot, the supported version/platform it will work with. (i.e. Winamp Version 3 only, wallpaper windows, animated wallpaper Linux, etc.)

All submitted skins to 1001skins will be CopyLeft attributed by default. Additionally, any submitted work to the site will be maintained and supported by you as the submitter. Additionally, works that are deemed infringing will be the sole responsibility of the submitter; any all orders from enforcement agencies, lawyers and bodies that represent trademarks will be deferred to the submitting author.

Upon any enforcement agency, lawyer or infringement of trademarks; your content will be removed from indexes, rendering on site and will no longer be accessible from the 'in-site' management options.

You will be able to remove, update and delete any work submitted to 1001skins for as long as you are able to access the site. Moderator and Owner of the site have the right to override any submitted project.

All submitted designs will eventually be reviewed by the administration team for their esthetics, functionality, completeness and ease of use.

All submitted designs are enabled for rating against works of similar nature across the entire site. If you are found to be gaming the rating system, attempting to utilize proxies or other systems to circumvent singular voting, the design will be removed from 1001skins, your account will be blocked and your hardware will be banned from all 1001 sites.

Screenshots are required for all submitted content. If you do not have a screenshot the submission will not be allowed. You can submit your screenshot by placing the screenshot as a PNG into the zip file that you upload or as a separate submission.

While every effort is being made to allow you to submit content without requiring a fee, or requiring users to pay for usage, the site may at times embed advertising that will enable the site to continue to offset hosting for a large database of designs. 1001Skins reserves the right to change this policy at any time.

Rips/hacks/etc. are entirely disallowed on 1001skins. Though, it does happen. If you find someone is ripping your design you have the right to have that design removed; though, the verification is dependent upon what you submit to the owner/admin of the site.

version : 2021.01.06