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Request Guidelines - All Advertising placed on 1001Skins is by design only and reserved for a sponsor. No advertising, is placed on the website that will interfere or create conflicted advertising. If you sponsor 1001skins with your advertisement...any and all advertising for the site will be contingent upon review by the owner of the site. I reserve the right to remove your advertisement unless entered into a contract with you. Any agreement made for advertising is on a monthly basis only. Negotiations may be made for a longer term provided the revenue from the advertising is substantial enough to cover total cost of ownership and bandwidth requirements.


You can submit a request as a business unit to sell ads on 1001skins. There are 3 models, that I will support;
1. Featured Sponsor Space (275X200)
2. Botton Content Sponsor Space (88x31)
3. Footer Referral Space - (Text Only Link)

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