About 1001Skins

1001Skins was created to allow anyone to publish designed content and expose the artist in all of us. Founded originallay January 1999, 1001skins is currently the largest online winamp skin library; adding to that original feature set beginning in December 1001skins has expanded to include Winamp Plugins, Joomla Themes, CSS designs, AIMP skins, Drupal Themes, and many more are planned in the future.

As a platform that is setup to promote, and share content across social networks; we have leveraged digital designs to be shared across all social platforms easily and effortlessly.

After 11 years of continously managing, updating and renewing 1001skins - max bloch (Maximillian Bloch) at my request released the domain to me garetjax (Joe Garrett). In so doing, I updated the entire system slowly over time into a new system altogether. I migrated the data to MSSQL; updated all the source code into asp.net c#, fixed the miriad of issues related to SQL Injections, changed the password system into a Salted and Hashed Pair with a 512 Bit encryption method. Once this was complete, I began a process of updating all pages within the php stack initially, to asp.net c# 4.5. After the primary or core of the code was converted I focused on the design. Essentially, just getting it up and running at the time when Winamp.com was ready to be shut down. On the sidelines I am also, working on various updates to the core of 1001skins. These updates are focused on extending the functionality already present, and providing additional controls to the users in the form of ratings, comments, forums and web-services.

You can see many of these items in the news section. Found in the menu above.

version : 2021.01.06